July 26, 2019

4 Best Websites for Microsoft 70-461 Exam Preparation

The Microsoft 70-461 exam is intended mainly for administrators, system engineers, and developers with an experience of over two years, as well as for those who are experienced in SQL Server database programs. It is also aimed at those individuals who are actively seeking to validate their skills and obtain knowledge in different writing queries. This test mainly evaluates one’s ability to implement the technical tasks listed below. The different percentages show the weight of each topic area that is covered in the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions related to that content area you can expect to see in Microsoft MCSA SQL 70-461 Exam Questions.

Here is an overview of what skills you will be able to achieve and what contexts will you be examined on:

Create database objects: you will be allowed to create tables using T-SQL syntax, create and alter views, design and manage different views, modify and create constraints. You will also learn how to create and alter DML triggers.
Work with different data: you will be able to learn how to implement subqueries, data types, work with query data using SELECT statements, and aggregate queries. Besides, you must learn how to manage query and XML data.
Modification of data: you will be able to create and alter stored procedures, modify data using INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements. You will be able to combine various types of datasets along with working with different functions.
Troubleshoot and optimize: you know how to optimize queries, manage various transactions, and also implement error handling.

Now you know what skills you will have to acquire in order to obtain the above-given commands. There are some websites that you will need to refer to in order to prepare for your Microsoft 70-461 exam.


This is a highly recommended paid website that offers a tremendous amount of exam dumps. It also offers a premium bundle for the 70-461 exam with a recent discount. You can effectively and efficiently prepare with a premium file containing 221 questions and answers that are detailed with all the help that you will need for this Microsoft test. This bundle also offers 147 different lectures for training courses and full exam preparation. You can easily access the contents that it provides and begin your preparation after you have made your payment. The practice questions and answers are highly rated by the individuals who have used them. With a wide array of topics covered, you will easily be able to access training materials that are always available on the exam-labs.com. This website is also verified by the industry experts and gains popularity daily.


This is another excellent website that is frequently used by thousands of customers. It is an overview of all the contents, exam preparation tips, resources, and materials for your Microsoft exam. This platform has the most recommended list of courses and tells you about the scores that will help you pass and monitor your progress. It also includes the different links that are most highly recommended so you will be able to locate your problem areas and work on your mistakes. This website is detailed with all the things you need for your Microsoft 70-461 exam. It also has the relevant tutorials so you can easily refer to them for your test. With a convenient and user-friendly interface, you will not have any trouble with your success.


This is a great and resourceful site. It contains almost everything from how to prepare for your exam to motivate you to begin a training plan.EssentialSQL.com is an ultimate guide. It has every detail for whatever surrounds the preparation for your test. It also includes more disregarded things such as how to free up your space and how to manage a routine to prepare effectively for your exam. It focuses on the concepts that you will need, and this will allow you to begin. It also follows a highly efficient execution guide and a follow up for your plan that will enable you to make sure that every hour you put in studying is an effective one. This highly used website also gives you a guide on how to identify your weak areas and how to focus on it effectively. With a training plan in your hand, you will be able to work on your skills and then apply them when the important exam day comes.


This is one more recommended and professional website that allows you to work effectively through the execution of your exam preparation. It has all the important links that you will need for your course content and provides great detail on how to manage your training sessions to score greatly. This site also includes the major details that will help you prepare effectively. With an easy to manage and accessible user interface, Udemy is renowned for its help. Its course costs cheaper than the average, and the services provided are unmatched. It included 148 lectures that you can download and learn on a daily basis. This platform will also provide you with some important tips that you can imply and work on to obtain a high score for your exam. From teaching you how to optimize queries to lectures on taking the exam, you will be fully prepared and at an affordable price in no time.

Now, you know all about the most useful websites that can help you achieve IT professionalism and boost your career. You can easily prepare and excel in the 70-461 exam. Make sure that you use reliable resources. We wish you the best of luck for your upcoming endeavors.